Kidd Valley Hamburgers and Shakes


Kidd Valley's grilled burgers are made from fresh hamburger, and are made only after you order it. Likewise, Kidd Valley's signature shakes are hand-mixed when you order and are available in a variety of seasonal fruit flavors as well as the traditional chocolate and vanilla.
  Kidd Valley's famous side dishes are also created on site and made using the freshest ingredients available.

The sweet onion rings shown here are made with fresh Walla Walla onions in season, and the batter-dipped and fried mushroom caps are a unique complement to Kidd Valley's selection of burgers and sandwiches.

(left: Onion rings being prepared at Kidd Valley)

Fresh, traditional burgers and shakes have earned Kidd Valley numerous honors. Frequently mentioned in "Best of..." reader and viewer polls, Kidd Valley hamburgers and shakes remain favorites of Seattle and Eastside residents.

At Kidd Valley, we use 0g trans fat canola oil.

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